15 February 2012

Port Banks

Port Banks is the biggest and probably the most important city in the Alliance of the Great Nations. Nearly one third of the worlds trade income is produced here. The city is divided into different quarters, which are set up on gigantic metal platforms, rising into the sky. Each quarter is dedicated to a different functionality and therefore has a different design and tone. There is the dockland area with quarters of where the dock workers live. At the pontoons, where night and day ships arrive and depart, cargo is discharged and people are working. It’s always loud, noisy and busy. When there is hard work, the entertainment isn’t far off. Next to the docking area is the entertainment quarter. With bars, casinos and all the entertainment a Jack needs on his shore leave. On the third big platform the administration of Port Banks is set. All the big decisions are made here and all the upper crust of society is living in this quarter. So it is nice and neat but you also find very harsh security guards who put people who don’t belong there into their place.

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