05 March 2012

Ambrose Bergdorf’s Logbook

Ambrose Bergdorf was the first adventurer who claimed he had travelled all of the Seven Winds. His frenetically celebrated book “The appearance of the ‘Seven Winds’ as witnessed by the H.M.S. Beagle during her greatest travel” spawned many new enterprises. But no expedition was ever received as well as Bergdorf’s. He also coined the term “Seven Winds” which became very common very fast and is still used today. Later he compiled his opus magna into a smaller compendium called: “Ambrose Bergdorf’s Guide to adventurous traveling”. The following entries are taken from his recently posthumously published logbook: 

Day 1: 

Finally I got my crew together. Four years of preparations come together and in this moment, history is being written. I never thought I’d find me some daredevils like these fine gentlemen. The exploration of the Winds will be risky, but I am sure it will be worth the effort. 


Day 26: 

Finally we breached through the Ceiling. Our ship took severe damage by flying float pieces of the gigantic rock we had to blast away with our main cannon. We had just entered the Ceiling and visibility was down to only two hundred feet, as suddenly - out of nowhere- this gigantic floating piece of rock came by starboard flying directly towards us. Piet Cotte - our gunner- had the grasp to recognize the danger and quickly handled our fat lady in the right direction. Nobody reckoned with solid objects of this magnitude up here. Our journey had up to this point been pretty unexcited. What may lie ahead of us further up?

01 March 2012

Blackbeards Hideout

“Wait! You will get us all get killed!” Stevie shouted in panic as the Lady Aurora Dawn dashes through the clouds towards a gigantic flying rock as big as a small city. Stevies fear causes a cheeky smile on the face of the helmsman. With a very subtle steer on the control wheel, the helmsman navigates the ship by a hair’s breadth past the rock, tacks it around and slows it down to nearly a full stop. Then the golden vessel slowly descents into a small crevice, located at the top side of the boulder. Beneath them loams a giant hall, filled with strange looking buildings and plants. Smoothly the helmsman lands the Lady on a great landing platform. 

Morgan found this place on his journey up to the Seven Winds. Here he could build, only accompanied by a few confidants, his own little shipyard, far away from all the curious eyes watching the “crazy man” working. Here in his own fortress of solitude he could experiment on all this forgotten technology he found during his expeditions.

The Lady Aurora Dawn

Like a sharp ray of sunlight, the Lady Aurora Dawn breaks through the massive wall of clouds down towards the convoy of three smaller cargo ships. With a smooth, fast movement the “Golden Lady” flies dead on target towards the last ship of the convoy. They will hardly know what had hit them.

With nearly 100 knots, the Lady Aurora Dawn is one of the fastest ships all over the “Seven Winds”. The majestic design of the “Golden Lady” causes wherever it appears great sensation. The technology of this ship is based on a design by Captain Morgan himself. His vision of a ship, getting most of its energy from pure sunlight aroused only laughter at most naval architects and so he went on searching for material and technology by himself. Disconnecting more and more from conventional ways of building ships, he appealed to ways of engineering long forgotten...