01 March 2012

Blackbeards Hideout

“Wait! You will get us all get killed!” Stevie shouted in panic as the Lady Aurora Dawn dashes through the clouds towards a gigantic flying rock as big as a small city. Stevies fear causes a cheeky smile on the face of the helmsman. With a very subtle steer on the control wheel, the helmsman navigates the ship by a hair’s breadth past the rock, tacks it around and slows it down to nearly a full stop. Then the golden vessel slowly descents into a small crevice, located at the top side of the boulder. Beneath them loams a giant hall, filled with strange looking buildings and plants. Smoothly the helmsman lands the Lady on a great landing platform. 

Morgan found this place on his journey up to the Seven Winds. Here he could build, only accompanied by a few confidants, his own little shipyard, far away from all the curious eyes watching the “crazy man” working. Here in his own fortress of solitude he could experiment on all this forgotten technology he found during his expeditions.

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