27 February 2012

Captain „Blackbeard“ Morgan

Suddenly Jack felt a strong presence filling the room. A presence he hasn’t felt since the incident at Longneck Island. It couldn’t be true, he must be dead... but as Jack turned around he saw him. The Captain!

Captain Morgan alias Blackbeard is arguably one of the most infamous Skyjackers all over the “Seven Winds”. His wit is legendary, his mechanical skills are brilliant and with his vapor pressure-operated, mechanical arm he truly is a menacing fighting force. With his crew he roams the Sky, always looking for an opportunity to make a bit of cash. And that displeases the great trading companies and their “honest” way of earning money so much, they put a high bounty on his head. But Blackbeard isn’t necessarily a bad guy. Actually, he is popular with many people, because his actions never really harm anyone but the obnoxious and omnipresent trading companies or the ruthless government. 

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