27 February 2012

Rebecca Bennet

“Hey! Pick on someone of your own size!” she shouted and *wham* smacks the nasty looking fella with her electric lathi.
You shouldn’t mess with Rebecca! No really, don’t get in her way or this little sixteen year old girl is going to kick your butt. Well... only if you deserve it. There’s nothing more Rebecca hates than bullies.
Her parents are hawkers with their own little airship, crammed with all different kind of goods. They were always on the move from city to city, looking for the best bargain and the next trade. When business calls, they forgot about everything else. So Rebecca had to take care for herself very early in her life.
One year ago, Rebecca had enough and she ran away from her parents to start a business of her own. She traveled to Port Banks on her own, just to charter on one of the great merchant ships of “Gable, Smith & Ratisbon”, the biggest trading company in Port Banks. But her plan didn’t work out as she had planned it... 

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